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Russian police arrest hundreds in protests over Putin’s military mobilization order

Today News Post || Latest News Russian police moved quickly Saturday to disperse peaceful protests against President Vladimir Putin’s military…

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Marc Short, former top aide to Mike Pence, calls Trump’s claim that presidents can declassify documents by thinking about it “absurd”

Today News Post || Latest News Marc Short, top aide to former Vice President Mike Pence, called former President Trump’s…

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Rep. Jamie Raskin teases Jan. 6 committee to reveal new information about Trump ally Roger Stone

Today News Post || Latest News US Representative Jaimie Raskin, D-Maryland, speaks with Robert Costa, chief election and campaign correspondent…

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Buckle up, America: The Fed plans to sharply boost unemployment

Today News Post || Latest News In case the U.S. economy wasn’t hurting enough already, the Federal Reserve has a…

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Arizona GOP secretary of state nominee interviewed by Justice Dept. and House panel about Jan. 6

Today News Post || Latest News Arizona Secretary of State Republican candidate Mark Finchem listens to instructions prior to debating…

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South Korean president’s office denies U.S. hot mic insult, but many South Koreans aren’t buying it

Today News Post || Latest News Seoul — South Korea’s president has denied insulting key security ally the United States, claiming…

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Blinken calls out Russia for

Today News Post || Latest News United Nations — At a meeting intended to be a face-to-face confrontation between top diplomats…

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Feds say $45.6 billion in pandemic unemployment aid was likely stolen

Today News Post || Latest News An estimated $45.6 billion in pandemic unemployment benefits was likely stolen by fraudsters who…

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Trump claims presidents can declassify documents

Today News Post || Latest News Presidents can declassify documents “even by thinking about it,” former President Trump claimed in…

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Timeline: The legal battle over the 11,000 documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Today News Post || Latest News Washington — The months-long campaign by the National Archives and Records Administration to recover…

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