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12-year-old Texas girl shoots dad in alleged plot with friend to kill their families

US HEADLINES: A 12-year-old girl shot her father then turned the gun on herself after making a pact with a…

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China and Russia see the U.S. in their crosshairs at United Nations

US HEADLINES: United Nations — As the U.N. General Assembly winds to a close on Monday, the focus on the horrific…

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‘Butcher of Mariupol’ promoted in Russian Army shakeup as ‘sham’ vote continues

US HEADLINES: Vladimir Putin ousted the Russian general who was responsible for the chaotic logistics operation that hamstrung his army…

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Comedian Judy Gold blasts Sen. Lindsey Graham over abortion on Stephanie Ruhle’s MSNBC show

US HEADLINES: A panel on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” tore into Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., over his proposed national abortion limit,…

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16-year-old arrested for theft of services charge in slaying of NYC cabbie Kutin Gyimah

US HEADLINES: A 16-year-old girl has been arrested in connection with last month’s killing of a New York City taxi…

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Hilaria and Alec Baldwin announce birth of seventh child

US HEADLINES: Hilaria Baldwin has given birth to her seventh child with husband Alec Baldwin, she shared in an Instagram…

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“We got our miracle”: Americans captured while fighting in Ukraine return home to Alabama

US HEADLINES: Two U.S. military veterans who disappeared three months ago while fighting with Ukrainian forces against Russia arrived home…

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James Earl Jones gives rights to Darth Vader voice to Ukrainian AI company

US HEADLINES: He was its father, but the voice of the Dark Side now belongs to other forces. James Earl…

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Feds misled judge who OK’d warrant for $86M safety deposit raid in Beverly Hills: report

US HEADLINES: The FBI and US Attorney’s Office misled a judge who issued a warrant for a controversial raid on…

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Trump signals affinity with QAnon followers in social media post, at rallies

US HEADLINES: Former President Donald Trump is again signaling an affinity with believers of the QAnon conspiracies — on Thursday…

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